Licensure Renewal/Submitting a Statement of Assurance

You will receive an email notification from ISBE when your license is up for renewal.   Once Continuing Professional Development  (CPD) activity hours have been acquired and documented, and the required Academies are completed for all years in the cycle, and after September 1 of the school year (and prior to June 30th of that school year) in which the license expires, you must apply for renewal of your educator license through ELIS. 

In order to start the process of renewing your license through ELIS, click on the “Renew or Register Your Credentials” notification on your educator home page, then click on the “Click Here to Renew License” link.  Follow all provided instructions.  The renewal process is completed once you have followed all instructions, answered all of the questions and paid your renewal fee online with a credit or debit card.


Retain your documents for each professional development recorded activity for the next five-year validity period. ISBE runs a random audit of Administrator Licensure Renewals through the Regional Office of Education. If you are selected to be audited, you will be required to submit documention for all listed activities to the ROE in order to continue using the administrative endorsement part of your license.