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Teacher and Principal Evaluator Retraining Academies

The ROE 51 Staff Development office is currently in the process of scheduling Teacher and Principal Evaluator Retraining academies for the spring and summer of 2018.  Date and times have yet to be determined.  Registration information will be provided as it becomes available.


Additional Third Party Administrator Academies

Administrator Academy #781 Communicating and Lobbying with Legislators: How to Make Your Views Known & Affect Change  

This academy will be presented in the Illinois Statehouse Stratton Building when the legislature is in session (usually in March/April). A Senator and a Representative will be scheduled to speak to participants about the legislative process. Presentations by Senate and House Staffers will be scheduled as well as a presentation by a staff member from the Governor’s office. Participants will be able to work effectively with legislators and staff, apply rules for giving testimony at legislative hearings, develop working relationships with the Legislative Reference Bureau and the Legislative Information System, and work with the Joint Committee on Administrative Rules. Registration information will be provided from ROE 51 as it becomes available.


Administrator Academy #1867 Rethinking Discipline 

This academy provides educators with the practical knowledge needed to develop student discipline policy that limits disciplinary exclusion (i.e., suspensions and expulsions), and emphasizes the importance of culturally responsive and developmentally appropriate discipline to improve student behavior and school safety. In addition, this academy will discuss the use of restorative practices educators might use to respond to student misconduct with the goal of repairing harm and restoring relationships. These practices include restorative circles and conferences that promote student accountability and achievement. The academy will be held on Saturday, February 24, 2018 at the IEA Professional Development Center in Springfield.  For more information, contact Diana Zaleski at 217-787-7060, ext. 2313 or register at