Continuous Improvement Planning

Continuous Improvement Planning (CIP), including the use of Rising Star (RS) will be available to support all district and schools, outside of Chicago Public Schools, in the implementation of a Continuous Improvement Planning process. Such services will be offered through a three-tiered approach including technical assistance, professional development, and/or networking.


Become a Trainer/Facilitator for Your Building/District during this two day training, participants will develop an overview of the shifts in teaching English Language Arts and Content Area Literacy. Participants will also explore ways to utilize the EQuIP Rubric for evaluating the quality of instructional units aligned to the CCSS. Attendees will reflect on effective ways of sharing the information with other educators at the district or school level and will leave these sessions with access to the materials needed to lead discussions regarding implementation of the ELA and Content Area Literacy shifts. Teacher leader teams, along with their administrators, are encouraged to attend this training. Shifts include:

Academic Vocabulary, Close Reading Content Area Literacy, English Language Arts, Informational Text, Narrative Writing, Text Complexity,

Text Dependent Questions, Writing from sources


Math Foundational Services are designed to provide district level staff with information and tools as they work to develop, improve and align their mathematics curriculum.  Trainings will contain components to prepare participants:  

Analyze and explain the components of the ISBE Model Curriculum (Unit Maps, Assessments and Lessons)

Describe and analyze the balanced assessment suite (purposes of the varied assessment formats)

Create and analyze real-world problems using the problem-solving structures described in the New Illinois Learning Standards

Describe connections between assessments and lessons

Articulate the characteristics and goals of the New Illinois Learning Standards.

Articulate the characteristics and goals of the PARCC assessment.

Apply the EQuIP rubric to evaluate a lesson or unit.

Learn state-level expectations and available support for the New Illinois Learning Standards of Mathematics.


Teacher Evaluation training, including rules and regulations for the Joint Committee, will outline the legislation and options for districts. Student growth models will be provided for review including discussion about all three types of assessments available for student growth calculations.


As a result of this training, participants will be able to systematically deliver services aligned with state expectations that will positively impact and support district leadership with the use and support of Balanced Assessment