The Illinois Administrators' Academy is authorized by Section 2-3.53 of the school code which states: The State Board of Education shall cause to be established an Illinois Administrators' Academy. The Academy shall develop programs which provide for development of skills in the areas of instructional staff development, school improvement, school accountability, effective communications skills, improvement, school accountability, public school relations, evaluation of personnel, including documentation of employee performance and remediation of unsatisfactory employee performance.

Local school administrators who evaluate other licensed staff must take an evaluation training course. See below for important additional information.

For information on Administrators' Academy and its requirements or specific information on your individual Academy transcript,  contact Bill Lamkey by phone (585-8090) or email (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.). 

Evaluation of Educators
Only administrators who have successfully completed the Illinois Performance Evaluation – Teacher Evaluation Training (AAC #2001) online course are eligible to evaluate licensure teachers/educators.  In addition, administrators who evaluate principals, assistant principals and other administrators must have successfully completed the Illinois Performance Evaluation – Principal Evaluation Training (AAC #2000) online course.  If you need to take one or both of the online training courses and you are not already scheduled to do so, please check with your school district’s central office or ROE 51.

Registering and Paying for ROE 51 Academy Courses
You can pay for Academy courses provided by ROE 51 in advance, online, with a credit card.  It is quick and easy.  To register and pay online you will need a credit card and your Illinois Educator Identification Number (IEIN). To find out what your IEIN is (if you do not already know it), please log into your personal ELIS account to locate it.  To register for an Academy course offered by ROE 51 online, do the following: 

·      Log into the ROE 51 website (

·      From the top of the home page, under “workshops” click on “Administrators Academy”

·      From the right side of the page click on “Online Payment (AA)”

·      Fill in the online form and electronically submit it

After submitting information you will receive an email confirming your payment has been approved.